Worldwide Market Potential

The application of the MPS system’s suitability for the waterproofing of subterranean portions of buildings and structures and/or control of humidity within buildings is global. Wherever there are buildings or other structures in locations with high rainfall, reclaimed land or unstable soil there is likely to be a need for prevention or control of the ingress of water.

Typical applications for which the existing MPS system technology provides a solution include:

  • Subterranean basements of buildings - waterproofing and de-humidification.

  • Underground railway stations - waterproofing, de-humidification and soil stabilisation.

  • Rail, vehicle and pedestrian tunnels - waterproofing and de-humidification.

  • Bridges - de-watering and soil stabilisation.

  • Embankments - de-watering and soil stabilisation.

  • Retained earth structures - dewatering and soil stabilisation.

  • High humidity buildings - de-humidification and elimination of rising damp

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